Transmission:    4R70W - 950

We consider the 4R the greatest 4-speed overdrive transmission available (for its size) in history.  The Armageddon 4R is built to prove it.  This transmission is designed around the fact that lockup is not feasible beyond 700 to 800 ft/lbs of torque.  The TCC and converter have too much inertia in this power range and wreak havoc on input shafts and drums.  At this time, I only offer this transmission built with a typical input shaft design, however we are working on a solid, one-piece design comparable to what is utilized in our AOD-950.

You can call it a glorified AOD if you wish, but it fits Ford modular motors.  Like the AOD-950, this transmission utilizes special machining and hardening processes on the drums and other internal components to increase reliability in high horsepower and torque applications.  We take out all of the stops for this transmission.   It is fully rebuilt using F7 or newer cores we have available.  Each unit is fully inspected for wear, all gaskets and seals are replaced with quality new pieces, and final clearances are adjusted for performance use.



- Pump and stator modified for best cooler flow and lubrication

- Welded 300M hardened input shaft (stub shaft)

- Raybestose Blue Racing clutches (4 INT, 4 REV, 6-7 FWD, 7-8 DIR)

- All stamped steel drums with greatest capacity

- Modified drums for extra capacity

- Wide ratio gearing standard

- 2” High Carbon lined overdrive band

- 2.7” overdrive servo

- Updated accumulators with custom spring combinations

- Mechanical diode with improved snapring

  1. -Lube mods (force lubricated high heat or wear components for greater reliability and service life)

  2. -Machined planetary and sun gears for even greater lubrication and heat control

- Manual valve body

- Tailshaft lube modification standard (suggested for numerically higher gearing)

- Cast aluminum deep pan standard

- High-temperature aluminum paint finish

- OPTIONS (contact for details)

    - Converter (prices vary by vehicle spec)

    - Cooler: 11” x 12” x 3/4” stacked plate +$

    - Temperature sensor +$


4R70W - 500

4R70W - 700

4R70W - 950

Valve Bodies: