SPT-1 Series (Now with the WOTS System standard!)

The SPT-1 is the original Silverfox valve body.  It is the first step to solving the annoying AOD shift overlap, early shit points, and sloppy or erratic shift firmness levels.  The SPT-1 has been a huge success.  Every valve body is custom modified using our own parts – no off the shelf kits.  Each valve body is modified to increase line pressure and provide full time torque converter charge with constant cooler flow and lubrication.  Each unit includes several new or modified spring assemblies and custom separator plate modifications.

These modifications increased wide open throttle and part throttle shift points in ALL gears – with additional custom modifications to help push 2nd gear to a healthy RPM (unlike many other kits or stock applications).  Shift overlap and flare is eliminated and shift firmness is tailored to your desire.  As a standard baseline, the SPT-1 is adjusted for a 5,800 RPM shift in all gears at wide open throttle, and retains the stock shift pattern.

WOTS System - The newest addition to the valve body allows complete user control of the wide open throttle shift point.  Simply drop the pan and turn a screw!  This modification is 27 years too late!!!!!!  It allows you to customize your own wide open throttle shift point within an 800 RPM variance.



- 0:  Slight Improvement over stock shift feel with all of the additional modifications

  1. -1:  Firm light shifts with increasing firmness with throttle (typical stage for most stock/street applications)

  2. -2:  Very firm shifts with possible traction loss (firmest stage suggested for lockup converters on stock shafts)

  3. -3:  Consistently firm shifts through throttle range with traction loss (non-lock converters or hardened shafts)

  4. -4:  Consistently firm shifts through throttle range with traction loss (reserved for NON-lock convertors ONLY)

Let us know some specs and how you plan on using the vehicle, and we will gladly suggest the proper calibration.

The SPT-1 can support applications up to 500hp.


The SPT-1 will bring a whole new life to your car!

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Valve Body:    AOD

All of SPT's AOD valve bodies are complete and ready to install. They come boxed with a new filter and gaskets, as well as simple instructions to guide you. All that you need is time, a torque wrench, a few tools, and your choice of ATF. All "automatic shifting capable" valve bodies are also boxed with a new updated Ford 2-3 accumulator piston.


Valve Bodies:

            SPT-R (w/OD Lock-out)

The SPT-R takes all the advantages of the SPT-1 Series valve body and adds an overdrive lock-out feature.  This is the most versatile valve body in the Silverfox lineup!

The shift pattern is altered so that the user can command each gear separately, and has a 12 volt solenoid for overdrive engagement.  No more “1-D-1 Shuffle”!!!  This VB can be shifted manually to higher gears while the lower gears maintain fully automatic function controlled with TV pressure.  TV adjustment is as simple as hooking up the cable – delicate procedures are not required.

The SPT-R can support 500hp.  Installation is simple and comes with the same easy to read instructions and gaskets, and includes the wire harness.  A switch kit is not included.

            SPT-MAC (constant pressure)

The Silverfox Performance Transmission - Manual Auto Constant valve body is a CONSTANT PRESSURE unit that has both manual and automatic capabilities.

Eliminating TV pressure modulation means no more worrisome TV pressure settings and, more importantly, the pressure will always be there when you need it most.  Line pressure rise will be more consistent and quick to react in “off the line WOT situations”.  Built off of the SPT-R2 base, with overdrive lockout, the SPT-MAC is an effective street / strip valve body designed strictly for performance applications over 400hp.  Utilizing the TV system as a “kick down” style application allows this valve body to maintain its auto functions.  If disconnected, the valve body will perform much like a manual valve body, and will not downshift with increased throttle – perfect for that day at the track or dyno!

The SPT-MAC is only available in STAGE 3 or higher applications, and can support up to 800hp.  Installation is simple and comes with the same easy to read instructions and gaskets, and includes the wire harness.  A switch kit is not included.

            SPT-MAC-TB (constant pressure with transbrake)

Instant off the line release!

The transbrake we have developed has one of the fastest release times we have experienced with a simple valve body swap.  SPT modifies the internals of our transmissions to help employ faster transbrake release, but this valve body alone has an impressive release timing using unmodified internals.

Unlike some other transbrakes, reverse acts normally and the valve body does not allow the transbrake to engage in higher gears...so there is no lingering fear of possible destruction due to accidental use.

            Billet Overdrive Servo

An “A+” billet aluminum overdrive servo can be added to your valve body order for an additional charge (but shipped free of charge).  The servo has an 11% larger apply area than Ford's big “A” servo.  This is a critical upgrade for those experiencing overdrive band failure.  It increases holding capacity and improves shift feel as well.  This is a highly recommended upgrade for those with high horsepower and torque in large cars and trucks.  Instructions are included.

Available with any valve body purchase for $115.








There is a $20 core charge on AOD valve bodies.  Should you return your old valve body in usable condition, I will return to you a check for $20.  Every unit is custom, and takes about 4-7 days before I ship.

Please make sure to CONTACT ME with the following information:

- Specs of the car

  1. -Gear ratio

  2. -Converter stall

  3. -Converter design (lock vs. non-lock)

  4. -Horsepower and torque estimates

  5. -Use of car (street / race / daily driver / etc.)

            SPT-MVB                Now Available!!!

            SPT-MVB-TB          Now Available!!!


The SPT-MVB is a full manual valve body that requires NO TV CABLE!  It has instant shifts on your command!  It is SPT's own design and comes with two calibrations: Street and Race.  Street calibration is tuned for less abuse than the Race calibration, and ideal for lower stall applications or hot rodders who don't desire the constant head shock of a full race manual valve body.  The unit comes with wire harness and full instructions.  Overdrive is on a 12v switch.

This valve body utilizes the same transbrake design as the SPT-MAC-TB shown above.  It comes with wire harness and full instructions.  The transbrake is on a 12v momentary switch, and is not required for engaging reverse.


            SPT-1CP (constant pressure)

This is SPT's version of the "other guy’s" popular CONSTANT PRESSURE valve body available all over the net.  This valve body incorporates every advantage of the original SPT1 series and simply has constant pressure for those folks who hate the TV cable controlling pressure.  You can be assured that years of experience as AOD gurus, this valve body will outperform any others.

            AOD Valve Body Upgrade / Repair

We have seen it all!  Years of experience as AOD gurus have brought every major competitor’s valve body through our shop from A to Z.  A niche service of SPT has been upgrading, altering, repairing, and recalibrating valve bodies from any supplier...sometimes completely transforming them into a full SPT valve body offering.  This service starts at $100 for simple issues, and often includes return shipping!