SPT-4R1 Series    1992-2004    AODE / 4R70W

The SPT-4R1 valve body is the first step to transforming any 4R70W into a street/strip happy transmission.  Each unit eliminates excessive shift overlap or flare and sloppy or erratic shift firmness levels.  Every valve body is custom modified using our own parts – no off the shelf kits. 

Modifications include increased base line pressure, full time torque converter charge, constant cooler flow, and custom separator plate modifications.  Unlike other valve body suppliers, EACH VB IS PRE-ASSEMBLED with TESTED ELECTRONIC SOLENOIDS, and we only use 1998+ cores assembled to fit your application.  BOLT IN AND GO!



- 0:  Slight Improvement over stock shift feel with all of the additional modifications

  1. -1:  Firm light shifts with increasing firmness with throttle (typical stage for most stock/street applications)

  2. -2:  Very firm shifts with possible traction loss (firmest stage suggested for 92-97 stock transmissions)

  3. -3:  Consistently firm shifts through throttle range with traction loss

  4. -4:  Consistently firm shifts through throttle range with traction loss (hardened input shaft only)

Let us know some specifications and how you plan on using the vehicle.  We will gladly suggest the proper calibration.

The SPT-4R1 can support applications up to 500hp.


Each valve body is also boxed with new accumulators with custom spring assemblies, filter, and other accessories we where applicable.   The SPT-4R1 is the single best thing that you can do for your AODE/4R70W.  Just ask my customers, they agree.  It will bring a whole new life to your car.

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Valve Body:    AODE / 4R70W

All of my AODE / 4R70W valve bodies are complete and ready to install.  They come boxed with a new filter and gaskets, as well as DEAD SIMPLE instructions to guide you.  All that you need is time, a torque wrench, a few tools, and your choice of ATF.


Valve Bodies:

            SPT-4R MAC Series    1992-present    Now Available!

Silverfox Performance Transmission Manual Auto Constant valve body is a CONSTANT PRESSURE unit that has both manual and auto capabilities using the EEC/PCM.  No more electronic control of pressure, just shift points - pressure is always on demand.  This valve body can be calibrated for street/hot rod, or race.  Fits AODE and 4R70W.

There is a $40 core charge on 4R70W valve bodies.  Should you return your old valve body in usable condition, I will return to you a check for $40.  Every unit is custom, and takes about 4-7 days before I ship.

Please make sure to CONTACT ME with the following information:

- Specs of the car

  1. -Gear ratio

  2. -Converter stall

  3. -Converter design (lock vs. non-lock)

  4. -Horsepower and torque estimates

  5. -Use of car (street / race / daily driver / etc.)

            SPT-4R MVB

            SPT-4R MVB-TB

Coming Soon!


AODE / 4R70W


FULL manual control of you AODE/4R70W!  Offered both in race and street/Hot rod stages.  SPT now offers it's own manual valve body for the AODE/4R.  Thoroughly tested at the track, this VB simply rocks!  Instant on demand shifts. NO MORE ELECTRONICS!  Comes with full instructions and internal wire harness.

            SPT-4R REVMVB

REVERSE MANUAL VALVE BODY!! SPT has developed the only reverse shift pattern manual valve body available on the market…for now. All the same great benefits as forward shift pattern MVB, but reverses the pattern to PRN123(OD). The valve body was developed mostly for off road use.

Engine braking effect is not available with this valve body. Transbrake option is still being developed.